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Meet You at Arab Health 2024


Meet You at Arab Health 2024

In the heart of technological advancement and innovation, About 12 models machine of dawei medical are set to be exhibited at the upcoming Dubai Expo 2024, scheduled from January 29th to February 1st. We are thrilled to hope that this will be an unforgettable experience for expo attendees.

The History of Arab Health


Arab Health Expo stands as a testament to the remarkable evolution of one of the largest healthcare exhibitions in the Arab world. Since its inception, this annual event has not only grown in size but has also become a dynamic platform fostering innovation, collaboration, and progress within the global healthcare industry.

The Arab Health Expo took its first steps in 1975, driven by the vision of creating a space where healthcare professionals could converge, exchange ideas, and showcase the latest advancements in the field. What began as a modest gathering has transformed into an expansive exhibition that attracts industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and innovators from around the world.

As Arab Health Expo continues to evolve, it remains a driving force for positive change in the healthcare industry.

DE12A: 12-channel ECG machine, the 10.2-inch display is a standard distribution panel with 1024*600 resolution and more wave details. it can store more than 1000 copies of patient information, and support connecting HIS system, FTP and HTTP transmission.


Patient Monitors

As the escort of human life, monitors are also important products that Dawei Medical will exhibit at the Dubai Medical Exhibition. A total of 3 patient monitors will be on display, among which HM15 is a new product launched by Dawei and is also First unveiled at this exhibition, here are the differences between these monitors.

Model HM-10 HD-11 HM-15
Screen 12.1 inch 12.1 inch 15.6 inch
Display resolution 1024*768 1280*800 1366*768
Gross Weight 5.2kg 5.4kg 3.4kg
Battery life 5H 4H 4H
History Review 800H 1200H 1200H
ECG Leads 5/7  lead ECG display 5/7  lead ECG display 5 lead ECG display
Nurse Call No No yes

Dawei Products at Arab Health 2024 Expo

Color Ultrasound Machine

DW-T50: 4D D-Live real skin rendering, specialized in OB &GYN application; it was equipped with 4 fully activated probe interfaces and a 13.3-inch oversized touch screen. these features can let the machine operate easily and are more suitable for doctors.

DW-P30: A portable color ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, DW-P30 possesses the advantages of a long-time standby battery and trolley case package, which make the machine beneficial to out-of-home diagnosis and more medical scenes. Meanwhile, the 4D imaging function increases the application range of DW-P30.

DW-L3S: A new handy and thin design, DW-L3S, a basic laptop-type color ultrasound machine, is equipped with 2 fully activated probe interfaces. More especially, DW-L3S is only 70mm thick and 6.5kg weight, The Built-in large-capacity lithium battery (removable) provides strong support for quick diagnosis.

Advanced Cardiology Diagnostic Ultrasonic System

There are 3 models of advanced color ultrasound machines that will be exhibited in Dubai Expo 2024. Cart-type color ultrasound machine DW-T8, Portable type DW-P6s, and laptop type DW-L6S. The following is the difference between them.

Model DW-T8 DW-P6S DW-L6S
Appearance Trolley type, 2 screens (home screen+ touch screen) Portable type, cart( optional), trolley case package Laptop type, lighter and thinner
Probe interfaces 4 fully activated probe interfaces 3 fully activated probe interfaces 2 fully activated probe interfaces
4D imaging yes no no
Cardiology application yes yes yes

Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Probe

Dawei Medical has launched a variety of wireless ultrasound, convex probes DW-C1 and DW-C2, Linear probes DW-L1 and DW-L2, Phased-array probe DW-P1, and Dual head (convex+linear) probe DW-X1.

Intelligent APP for IOS, and Android; WiFi connection, Easy to operate and carry, it can be used in various clinical scenes.  And Dawei pocket ultrasound transducer is only 95-125g, usage time of about 2 hours, and can be brought anywhere.


Electrocardiogram Machine

DE03A: 3-channel ECG machine, 7-inch HD screen, full view display technology, with real-time ECG waveform freezing function, DE03A is a convenient operation and improves the efficiency of diagnosis.


Dawei Stand at Arab Health 2024


Booth: SAH7

Date: 29th. Jan.---1st., Feb. 2024

Venue: Dubai World Trade Center


Dubai Expo 2024 is set to be a milestone event, and Dawei Medical is excited to be at the forefront of innovation. Welcome to booth SAH7. Click here to get your invitation card.

Post time: Jan-26-2024