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hot sell DW-580 black and white ultrasound machine price Featured Image

hot sell DW-580 black and white ultrasound machine price

DW-580 B/W ultrasound system widely used in expert visiting, community services, family planning services, emergency centers, large medical vehicles, shipborne, or battlefield ambulance mobile vehicle services. High array, high definition, multi-function display, more accurate diagnosis of lesions. 4-6 hours long standby time. High-quality digital imaging technology, the image is clearer, Rich probes, sound beam fan-shaped expansion technology, no splicing to ensure high speed and high quality, cross transmission and reception, eliminate side effects, full digitization, improve resolution, and penetration rate.

Interior High-end Image

Interior High-end Image

  • Carotid

    It has excellent image quality, multi-center application, quick response and no power supply operation and other functions, which can meet the needs of various application scenarios and clinical applications.

  • Liver

    Equipped with high-end imaging technology, efficient clinical application functions, as well as massive data transmission and storage functions.


Your Health Comes First

Your Health Comes First

  • 5801


  • Optional accessories

    • Yellow dongle workstation

      (Direct patient file management, support image dynamic and static storage.)

    • Foot switch

    • Puncture guide frame

    • Thermal printer

    • Docking station

    • Probe holder

    • Trolley

  • Probe

    • Convex probe

    • Micro-convex probe

    • Linear probe

    • Trans-rectal probe

    • Trans-vaginal probe

Clinical Imaging

Clinical Imaging

  • 580 (1)
  • 580 (2)
  • 580 (3)
  • 580 (4)
  • 580 (5)
  • 580 (6)

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