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Dawei Medical 3D Ultrasound Machine for Sale

3D Ultrasound Machine for Sale---Dawei Medical

Dawei Medical is a Chinese medical device manufacturer with 16 years of experience in ultrasound manufacturing. 3D ultrasound is an important technology in ultrasound diagnosis, especially for obstetrics and gynecology. It is the direction of our continuous innovation and efforts. 3D ultrasonic diagnostic instruments with various appearances such as cart type, portable type, notebook type, etc., can meet the needs of customers in more aspects.

Types of Ultrasound Machine
We not only offer you multi-type ultrasound machines, but offer ultrasound probes, transducers and accessories to ensure that you have everything you need to perform the highest quality ultrasounds. Give us a call today or browse our website to learn more about our products and services.

Trolley 3D Ultrasound Machine for Sale

We offer trolley color Doppler ultrasound machines for sale to all over the world. The cart-type ultrasound supports inserting 4 types of probes at the same time, making it easy to replace the inspection site. And it is equipped with a large touch screen, which simplifies the workflow and is more suitable for medium and large clinics and hospitals.


Portable 3D Ultrasound Machine For Sale

Portable ultrasound machines provide diagnostic capabilities anywhere, anytime. With compact designs and higher image quality, our portable ultrasounds are powerful enough to meet all your diagnostic needs, yet easy to transport so you can take them wherever you need to go. Whether you're in the office, at the hospital, or in the field, you can rely on our portable ultrasounds to give you clear, reliable images.

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Post time: Aug-11-2023