News - Affordable Portable USG Machines

Affordable Portable USG Machines


Portable Color Doppler Machine

3D, 4D, THI, CFW, CW, FHI, Anatomical 3M, etc.

256GB SSD, quick to store images and videos

2 Hours effective standby time

Probes: Convex probe, Linear probe, Trans-vaginal probe, Phased-array probe, Trans-rectal probe, 4D volume probe, Micro-convex probe, High-frequency probe, Bi-plane probe, Hockey stick probe


Portable Color USG Machine

Suitable for OB/GYN, Urology, MSK, etc. Comprehensive Diagnostic Center

Support 3D 4D imaging function

Trolley case package, best portability

Probes: Convex probe, Linear probe, Micro-convex probe, Phased array probe, 4D volume probe


Black and White Ultrasound System

Laptop Type USG Machine with 15inches Monitor

Windows operation system

Available DICOM data transmission

work last for 4h

Probes: Convex probe, Linear probe, Micro-convex probe

Wireless ultrasound probe

Model: DW-X1, DW-C1, DW-C2, DW-P1, DW-L1, DW-L2

Type: Dual head (Convex+Linear), Convex, Linear, Phased-array,

Free, professional, easy, intelligent APP for IOS, Android

WiFi connection, get rid of wire bondage

powerful functions, compact and lightweight

Affordable Portable USG Machines | Complete Price List With Cost

Why Choose Portable USG Machine?


Choosing a portable ultrasound machine offers several advantages, depending on the specific needs and circumstances of healthcare providers, patients, and healthcare facilities. Such as:

Mobility and Flexibility: Portable ultrasound machines are lightweight and compact, allowing for easy transportation between different clinical areas or even for use in mobile healthcare settings, for example, ambulances, rural clinics, or disaster relief operations. This mobility enhances access to diagnostic imaging in various healthcare scenarios.

Cost-Effectiveness: Portable ultrasound machines often offer cost-effective solutions compared to traditional, trolley ultrasound systems. They typically have lower purchase costs, and require less space for installation.

Training and Education: Portable ultrasound machines are often used for medical education and training purposes due to their accessibility and ease of use. Healthcare providers can quickly familiarize themselves with ultrasound techniques and practices using portable systems, facilitating skill development and proficiency in diagnostic imaging.

Therefore, Portable ultrasound machines offer versatility and convenience, making them valuable tools in modern healthcare delivery.

If you look around, you are going to see a lot of cheap ultrasound scanners around. Now comes the question of which one will be your priority.

If you want my recommendation, I would tell you to go for the wireless handheld ultrasound because of its wallet-friendly price, pocket size, and high image quality.


Post time: Apr-26-2024