News - Which 4D Ultrasound Machines should I buy?

Which 4D Ultrasound Machines should I buy?

What Can 4D Ultrasound Machine Do?


A 4D ultrasound machine, also known as real-time 3D ultrasound, offers several advanced functions that enhance diagnostic capabilities and provide valuable insights for healthcare professionals. It has many functions, such as Real-time imaging, Detailed Visualization, Dynamic Assessments, etc.

Generally, 4D ultrasound machines are used in the Obstetric department. The 4D scans provide clearer images of the fetus, allowing doctors to assess the maturation and development of the central nervous system and diagnose the possibility of cleft lip formation. When it comes to neurological conditions that often arise during the perinatal and postpartum period, they are easier to diagnose with 4D ultrasound.


How to Choose a Suitable 4D Ultrasound Machine?


When it comes to choosing the perfect 4D ultrasound machine, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure you make the best decision for your practice.

First and foremost, prioritize image quality.  A high-resolution imaging system can provide clear, detailed visuals, enabling you to accurately assess fetal development, monitor pregnancies, and diagnose potential health concerns with confidence.

Using Scene is another key consideration.  If you or your customer always need to home diagnosis, portability, the factor of standby-by time, software functions, etc. must be considered. What's more, It is necessary for some customers, like trainers, who have to bring the ultrasound machine to the site for instructing operation, to possess a lightweight and simplified operating machine.

Efficiency is paramount in a clinical setting.  Choose a 4D ultrasound machine that offers streamlined workflow features, such as intuitive user interfaces, customizable presets, and automated imaging functions. These features can enhance productivity, reduce scan times, and improve overall patient throughput, ultimately maximizing the efficiency of your practice.

Don't overlook the importance of service and support.  Select a reputable manufacturer known for providing reliable service, comprehensive training, and ongoing technical assistance to minimize downtime and ensure seamless operation for years to come.

In conclusion,  By carefully evaluating these factors and choosing a machine that meets your specific requirements, you can have a confident choice in the future of your practice. 

Which Dawei 4D Ultrasound Machines should I buy?


Dawei Medical produces various color ultrasound machines, 4D ultrasound machine is one of the most important series of medical devices. For your reference, the following sheet aims to show the difference between them to choose the most suitable for you. 

Model DW-L50 DW-P50 DW-T50 DW-P60 DW-T60 DW-P8 DW-T8
Version 3.0S 3.0S 3.0S 4.0S 4.0S 4.0 4.0
Type Laptop type Portable type Cart type Portable type Cart type Portable type Cart  type
Easy Operation Easy Easy+ Easy++ Easy+ Easy++ Easy+ Easy++
4D imaging yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Realskin Rendering yes yes yes No No No No
Image quality +++ +++ +++ ++++ ++++ +++++ +++++
Home Screen Size 15 inch 15 inch 21.5 inch 15 inch 21.5 inch 15 inch 21.5 inch
Touch Screen No NO Yes,13.3 inch NO Yes13.3 inch No Yes13.3 inch
Probe Interfaces 1 2 4 2 4 2 4
Price ++ +++ ++++ +++ ++++ ++++ +++++
Application OB&GYN OB&GYN OB&GYN All Purposed All Purposed All Purposed All Purposed


What’s more, two new upgraded ultrasound systems have been launched, DW-L50s and DW-P60S, These two newly upgraded color ultrasound machines are not only smoother in appearance but also incorporate the feedback given by some customers to us in function. Based on the original L50, the L50S has been upgraded to have two fully activated probe sockets. The body is also thinner and lighter, making it more convenient to carry when going out. Based on the original P60, the P60S has been upgraded to have three fully activated probe interfaces, which can better adapt to the various diagnostic goals of doctors when they go out for diagnosis.

In Conclusion, Different brands of products have different characteristics and are very different in terms of price, appearance, technology, etc. Therefore, choosing a 4D ultrasound machine that suits you and meets your expectations is the top priority.

Post time: Mar-08-2024