News - China Factory of Ultrasound Machines: Dawei Medical Welcome the Global Distributors

China Factory of Ultrasound Machines: Dawei Medical Welcome the Global Distributors

        An exciting development for Dawei Medical is that a valued partner from Madagascar recently visited the China factory of Dawei. This visit marks a key moment in our continued cooperation. For our partners, it is to find more ultrasound machine models to fill the gaps in the market and obtain the innovation direction and results of our company's recent products; for Dawei Medical, the latest news and feedback from the market brought to us by our partners is conducive to the direction of product research and development, while improving the quality of service.

Previous Collaboration

      Our partnership with this partner from Madagascar has been robust, centered around models like the highly cost-effective black and white ultrasound machine DW-580, Trolley color Ultrasound machine DW-T30, and light-type cart-based color Doppler machine DW-F3. These models have gained significant traction in the region, highlighting their reliability and effectiveness in diverse medical settings.

Explore new opportunities

      The main purpose of this visit is to deepen mutual understanding and explore new ways of cooperation. Through online communication, we learned that the main focus areas of this visit include our latest innovations and finding more types of ultrasound products to fill the gaps in the market and sales.

Focus on Products

According to the requirements, we recommend the following products:

Wireless ultrasound probe: Its pocket size are praised by many doctors and dealers. The increasing number of physicians pay more attention to the handheld ultrasound probe due to its portability.

Laptop-type color ultrasound machines, DW-L3, which has a compact design and high-quality imaging, are great assistants for out-diagnosis.

Portable color Doppler ultrasound system, DW-P30, is equipped with 4D imaging function, it prefers well in the application of OB&GYN.

Trolley B/W ultrasound machine, DW-350, competitive price makes it popular among the cart-based black and white ultrasound systems.

     Our professional engineering team demonstrated these machines' operation and imaging effects to the customer on-site. The customer was delighted and purchased a sample of the wireless handheld ultrasound probe for marketing promotion.

Future Prospects

       Looking ahead, Dawei Medical remains dedicated to fostering deeper collaborations with global distributors like those from Madagascar. We are poised to strengthen our brand influence as a leader in ultrasound technology worldwide by continuously innovating and delivering products that meet international standards.

      The visit from our Madagascar partners not only reaffirmed our existing partnerships but also opened doors to new possibilities in advancing the medical device market through ultrasound system solutions. Dawei Medical looks forward to continuing this journey of mutual growth and success with our global partners.


We welcome more distributors in the medical device field to keep in touch with us and visit our factory for collaborating opportunities.


Post time: Jul-10-2024