News - Dawei Color Doppler Machine: Displaying in the Expo of Brazil and Morocco

Dawei Color Doppler Machine: Displaying in the Expo of Brazil and Morocco

Dawei Color Doppler Machine: Displaying in the Expo of Brazil and Morocco


On May 24th, the Brazilian Hospitalar Exhibition came to a successful conclusion, followed by the Moroccan Exhibition on May 26th. At these two exhibitions, Dawei color Doppler machines were displayed as key products, and they also won the favor of many exhibitors.


What Color Doppler Machines are exhibited at these Expo?

At these two exhibitions, we display our full range of ultrasound machine products, from the basic black and white ultrasound super star  DW-580 to the high-end cart-type color ultrasound DW-T8, providing all price range USG products with the best solutions for exhibiting customers.

High cost-effective B/W ultrasound system: 

DW-350 and DW-580, These two products have the benefits of unbeatable prices and wide range of applications, such as OB&GYN, Urology, Abdomen, etc., making them suitable for customers with lower budgets. DW-580 has been praised and recommended by many doctors due to its excellent clinical performance and has become a star product of Dawei Medical.

Basic color ultrasound machine:

DW-L3, DW-F3, DW-P30, DW-T30, These four models include laptop-type, portable-type, cart-type, and lightweight cart-type basic color ultrasound machines to meet the needs of various patient care scenarios. Meanwhile, coupled with the innovative "YH+" platform and sub-array element technology, which improve computing capability,  response speed, and imaging clarity.

OB&GYN specialized color ultrasound system: 

DW-L50, DW-P50, DW-T50, these three 3D 4D ultrasound machines have 4D D-Live real-skin rendering functions, which can help doctors see more realistic fetal images, thereby improving fetal diagnosis. In addition, this series of color ultrasounds is also equipped with a professional obstetrics and gynecology measurement package to help medical participants obtain relevant information more conveniently.

High-end sonography machine: 

DW-P60,DW-T8, This series of echo machine not only has multiple imaging functions such as elastography, panoramic imaging, and trapezoidal imaging but is also equipped with puncture enhancement technology and various cardiac ultrasound functions, making it applicable to all departments. At the same time, this series has received wide acclaim due to its smooth workflow and ultra-clear images.

Wireless handheld ultrasound probe:

Dual head ultrasound probe (convex+linear), Phased-array probe, Linear probe, Convex probe, micro-convex probe. Various pocket ultrasound machines can be used anywhere, such as ultrasound training sites, ambulances, bedsides, Disaster relief scenes, etc. The physicians can diagnose anywhere, even and get the imaging on the phone and iPad. And, Dawei handheld ultrasound probe can connect the Wifi, get rid of wire bondage. Wireless Color ultrasound machine is the best point-of-care machine.

What is the impact of these expos on Dawei Color Doppler Machines?

Our participation in the Brazil Hospitalar and Morocco Medical Expo has yielded significant results and impactful effects on our products, particularly our Color Doppler machines.

We have showcased the innovative features and advanced technology of our ultrasound machines and wireless handheld ultrasound probes to a diverse audience of healthcare professionals, distributors, and potential clients.

We received positive feedback and a keen interest in our Color Doppler machines, validating their relevance and effectiveness in improving diagnostic capabilities and patient care.

Furthermore, our presence at these expos helped to enhance brand visibility and market penetration in both the Brazilian and Moroccan healthcare markets.

Overall, the Brazil Hospitalar and Morocco Medical Expo have proven to be instrumental in promoting our Ultrasound system, fostering collaborations, and driving business growth. We look forward to leveraging the momentum gained from these successful exhibitions to further expand our presence and impact in the global healthcare landscape.

American Exhibition Preview

Dawei will participate in the FIME 2024 in the USA with our Advanced product technology and high-quality services.

Booth No. B68

Note: 19th, Jun.----21st, Jun., 2024.

Address: 1901 Convention Center Drive Miami Beach USA.

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