News - Dawei Medical FIME 2024 News: 4D Ultrasound Machines for Sale

Dawei Medical FIME 2024 News: 4D Ultrasound Machines for Sale

The 2024 Florida International Medical Exhibition (FIME 2024) concluded successfully, where Dawei Medical showcased a variety of products including multiple 4D ultrasound machines, portable black-and-white ultrasound systems, basic color Doppler machines, and ultra-lightweight wireless ultrasound probes, receiving extensive testing and recognition from many attendees.


It is worth celebrating that the following 4D ultrasound machines from Dawei Medical were recognized by many doctors and dealers at the exhibition.


DW-L50S laptop-type color ultrasound machine: this is the new upgraded machine according to DW-L50 of the V3.0S series, which is designed for obstetrics and gynecology specifically. DW-L50s have a super thin and lightweight appearance compared to the traditional portable ultrasound machines, especially the innovative 4D D-Live RealSkin rendering technology that can give the baby the first “film” realistically. This compact design makes it easier to out-diagnose.


DW-P30S portable 4D color ultrasound machines: this is the new upgraded color Doppler according to DW-P30 of the V3.0L series, which is the basic color Doppler ultrasound machines of Dawei Medical. Its probe interfaces were increased to 3 interfaces, which make it more convenient to change the probe when the physicians are operating. And it not only has the 4D imaging functions but is cheaper than DW-L50S. DW-P30S id really a great choice for those who just have a low budget.


DW-P60 full-purposed portable color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: this is the portable type machine of the V4.0S series, which is the high-end color ultrasound machine of Dawei Medical. DW-P60 is equipped with rich measuring software, involving general measuring, OB&GYN, cardiology, urology, etc. It can be used in various departments due to its high-quality imaging and simplified operation.


At Dawei Medical Booth, attendees from around the globe participated actively, engaging in demonstrations and testing sessions, which underscored the products' performance and utility in clinical settings. Dawei Medical received significant acclaim and validation from attendees.

FIME 2024, for Dawei Medical, not only facilitated networking opportunities but served as a platform for knowledge exchange and industry insights.

Post time: Jun-28-2024