News - Dawei Medical: Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) 2024

Dawei Medical: Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) 2024

Dawei Medical: Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) 2024


Dawei Medical is pleased to announce its participation at FIME, Florida International Medical Expo 2024. It is scheduled for June 19-21,2024, in Miami Beach.

This exhibition is an opportunity for Dawei to communicate with global medical device peers, especially the key to establishing in-depth cooperation with American customers and distributors. We provide high-quality ultrasound machines, patient monitors, ECG machines, innovative technology, and comprehensive solutions.

Laptop-Type Ultrasound


DW-L3: it is a basic color ultrasound machine with a super-thin appearance, just 5.3kg. DW-L3 is equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery so that the work time can be over 2 hours. These characteristics make it easier to bring out.

DW-L50S: This is a laptop color Doppler ultrasound machine specially developed for obstetrics and gynecology. Equipped with 3D 4D imaging function, compared with traditional 4D, DW-L50S can more realistically reflect the true skin color of the fetus.

DW-580: it is a laptop-type black and white ultrasound system. With a compact design and powerful functions, it is popular among many customers whose budget is limited.



Portable Ultrasound


DW-P30S: The portable color Doppler ultrasound machine, DW-P30s is a new upgraded product, increasing the probe connectors to 3, improving the clinical practice workflow. And it builds an innovative “YH+” platform for response speed and imaging clarity.

DW-P60: All purposed portable color ultrasound machines, DW-P60, possess rich cardiac measuring software, which helps physicians with the diagnosis of the heart. The puncture enhancement function also makes it praised by many anesthesiologists.




Wireless Ultrasound Probe:

Dawei Medical's handheld ultrasound has been favored by many users in the Americas, including Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, etc., due to its ultra-lightweight and high-quality images. This exhibition will display the double-head ultrasound probe (Convex+Linear) DW-X1, Linear Probe DW-L1, L2, Micro-convex probe DW-C2, Convex probe DW-C1, phased-array probe DW-P1. The imaging functions of these pocket-sized ultrasound probes will be tested on-site.


ECG Machine & Patient Monitor


DE12: This is a 12-channel ECG machine with a 10.2-inch high-definition and wide-angle color LCD screen, capacitive touch control and 12-lead display. It can be connected to the ECG workstation, with a strong patient file management function, can store up to hundreds of thousands of ECG reports;

HD11: It is a multi-parameter patient monitor integrating ECG, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, CO2, etc. Measuring module. The flexible, reliable and scientific design of the HD11 display and recorder in one device forms a high-cost-performance, high-safety and low-power consumption device.

Booth No. B68

Note: 19th, Jun.----21st, Jun., 2024.

Address: 1901 Convention Center Drive Miami Beach USA.


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